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welded aluminum honeycomb panel

Product Detail

Welded aluminum honeycomb panels are aluminum honeycomb panels, ceramic aluminum honeycomb panel upgrade products, all welded honeycomb structure. Has excellent performance:
High temperature resistance. Under the condition of high temperature (above 600 DEG C), the honeycomb board overcomes the defects of the honeycomb board of the adhesive structure, has no toxic volatile matter, has no possibility of degumming, and has the same product strength.
With the surface of inorganic ceramic coating, rich in color.
Non combustible, fire prevention. Fire grade A1.
Green health. Peacetime use of the process, does not volatilize any harmful to the human body, the composition of the glue gas, 100 percent healthy and reliable.
Strong reliability. Overcoming the possibility of degumming with adhesive honeycomb board.
Welding honeycomb panels patent N. 201610115328.7